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I am Married to a wonderful man for over five years now named Alex. We have two sons Ricky, Wes, and a boy on they way TJ. We are both from Ohio and have movied back home to Ohio. I have been a chirstian for over 20 years and I am thankful to have God by my side:)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Go Forth and Multiply

Well the title and the wording on the shirt, which is from Mom4life ,says it all. Yes we are pregnant with the next blessing from God. We are due in April of 09. It would be nice to have a girl, but we be just as happy with a boy, or how knows one of each ;-) I wore this awesome very comfortable shirt to announce the baby to a few friends and everyone at our church, go check out Moms4life, it's an awesome place all things design and or design from moms.

I'll keep you posted as time goes by. So far, minus some spotting for a while, everything is great and right on track. I'm tired as always, going to the bathroom none stop, and have quizzness throughout the whole day like I had with the boys, just little more this time.

If you want to hear the story it's below.

On July 23 I took a test just to see, I was having some symptoms, but wasn't sure. The test came out negative. The next day I "started" I had weird light to very light spotting for the next week which was right on track for my normal cycle. So on July 31st I took a test again just on a whim. It came out with two pink lines that were brighter then the boys pregnancy test ever were. So I called my midwife because I was still spotting. They had me take a blood test to make sure I was pregnant and that my human chorionic gonadotropin ( hCG) levels were good. Both came back positive. I stopped spotting that following Saturday, but I had little more the following Monday but this time brown. So I called the doctor again. They thought it was just a little left from before and as longs as I wasn't having cramps or bright red blood not to worry and to just take it easy.

I am doing great now and everything is fine.

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