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Monday, March 24, 2008

Prayers Needed Again

Below is the continued story of the lady I know from the posts from earlier. Please continue to pray for her and her family.

When criminal charges were dropped against Ellen "Treffly" Coyne for briefly leaving her sleeping toddler in a parked car outside a Crestwood store, she and her family were ready to put the incident behind them.

But on Thursday, Coyne filed a lawsuit against the village and several officers alleging false arrest and malicious prosecution, saying they sought legal action after the Crestwood police chief maintained his department did nothing wrong.

"All we wanted was an apology and for them to kind of stand back," Coyne of Tinley Park said at a news conference in her lawyer's loop office.


Blogger TJ said...


Our family thanks you and everyone who feels strongly enough about our situation to include us in their conversations with God. It is truly humbling.

We thought when the charges were dropped that we would feel a sense of victory and accomplishment. We did not. We supposed time might heal us. There was not enough time.

When the chief of police Timothy Sulikowski said that he disagreed with the prosecutors decision to drop the charges even though there was no evidence we became incensed. When he said he supported the actions of his officers and the mayor of Crestwood Robert Stranczek said that his police were right as well, we knew that our fight was not over.

I learned in grade school that in America one is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. In Crestwood one is guilty it seems until the chief of police and the mayor say they are innocent.

The fight is still on.

To me this was simply a fight to avenge the people who tore my family apart with their thuggish behavior.

People all over America and around the world have shown me that it is so much more.

It's a fight between the sanctity of the family unit and the laws and powers of the state.

Our children were never in danger until the state forced their way into our lives, tore up our family, arrested my wife, abandoned our other girls to their own luck and tarnished our family name.

We will continue to fight. Your prayers and well wishes have always sustained us through this dark time for our family.

At times we have become tired and weary, we've lost our direction, the fight threatened to consume us. We felt so alone when it started.

We will not become victims. That's why we refuse to succumb to the oppression and abuse the state has lumped upon us. We refuse to take it and we will fight as long as they continue to send it the way of our family.

If we win this fight, and with the help and prayers of others I am sure we will, then we will have drawn a line around the family which I hope the state will consider deeply before they violate again.

Your thoughts and prayers will continue to strengthen us as we fight this battle.

Spread the word. This fight that we never asked for is far deeper than just my family getting roughed up.

It is about the relationship of the family unit and the government. I believe that it is the American family that gives power to the American government. Maybe the government has forgotten that.

Our victory will be a reminder.

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers, I'm telling you we feel them. If victory should come our way, you will have been a part of that.

Thank you so much for thinking of my family in this time of challenge for us.

My name is Tim Janecyk and I will make you this promise:

I would fight just as hard for justice for your family as I am fighting for justice for mine.

Justice for all of us!

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