The Life of C. Rachel Johnson

I am Married to a wonderful man for over five years now named Alex. We have two sons Ricky, Wes, and a boy on they way TJ. We are both from Ohio and have movied back home to Ohio. I have been a chirstian for over 20 years and I am thankful to have God by my side:)

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Force is With Us ;-)

Well as most of you know Ricky loves Star Wars, well now Wes is getting into the action. They both use the"Force" to open the car trunk door, they have light saber duels as in the picture above, and they play with Star Wars Dudes all the time. So because of this and just on a whim Alex looked up the website Well no one had it so we bought it for our boys to use as they grow up. Right now it only shows the picture of "Have you hugged a Stormtrooper today?" on it but we hope to eventually have more up.

Also this week Pottery Barn Kids released reproductions, but in 100% cotton sheets, of the original 1970's Star Wars Sheets and a cool A Long Time a go in a Galaxy Far Far Away pillow. Of course Ricky wants them for christmas. I have a picture of them below. ;-)


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