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I am Married to a wonderful man for over five years now named Alex. We have two sons Ricky, Wes, and a boy on they way TJ. We are both from Ohio and have movied back home to Ohio. I have been a chirstian for over 20 years and I am thankful to have God by my side:)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Help me Win:-)

Hi Everyone,

At my favorite mom store of all time, they have free give aways every week by doing things from their blog. This week they are giving away an item I REALLY NEED and WANT.

The site is, but the give away is on their blog:

The item this week is KinderKord Wrist to Wrist Retractable Connection, normal 19.99 . The KinderKord is a wrist to wrist connection for you and your child which leaves your hands free--while keeping your child physically connected to you. KinderKord is uniquely different because:
*Allows 3 full feet of freedom for both you and your child
*Does not tangle-even when used for multiple children
*Is a nearly invisible link between you and your child
*Stores easily in a pocket, purse or diaper bag
*Can be attached to a stroller or belt loop
*A hip and cool unisex band that can be worn by a man or a woman
*Comfortable to wear for hours and hours
*Regardless of the time of year, KinderKord is easy to wear and adjust whether it's hot or cold outside
*Also great for grandparents and care-givers to use
*Leaves hands completely free without the stigma of a harness

So jut take a look at it, with me telling you all about it, I get a chance to win it, and you can too, if you sign up. I love this site, because all the items are made by moms, run by moms, and has free shipping and they give away 10% of sales every year to a charity to give back to the community and God. I have put pictures of and KinderKord Wrist to Wrist Retractable Connection below.

P.S. The baby and they boys are doing great and all growing big fast.


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